Green Landscape, 2023


I define complexity as a multiplicity of relationships. Within my work, such complexity oftentimes presents itself through juxtaposition; a stream of imagery from seemingly disparate sources joined together by the thread of personal experience. Within this new body of work made largely in plein air, these relationships are fleshed out by the duration of the experience, which allows me to see things differently due to changes of light, temperature and weather. Green Landscape measures 60 cm in diameter and was completed in 2023.

This work, Green Landscape and its predecessor, Red Landscape, are not only landscapes but also studies in monochromatic color. Working in plein air, the eye and the hand work in an inextricable and dynamic relationship that gradually makes visible details that are not initially discernible. That is to say, each pushes the other in the act of perception. These paintings, rooted to a view, articulate a multiplicity of relationships within a single frame. The works within this body of work are square, round and triangular – basic geometric shapes that provide a window into the landscapes I hold special.