Four Miniatures, 2009


This series of miniatures, painted in acrylic on linen, measure 21.5X21.5 cm each. The wooden trim on the sides are also functional. They create a stretcher around which the canvas is wrapped and then stapled.

The paintings are of the human body, condensed into symbols. The scale, being miniature, pushes theses images towards iconicity.

The image above refers to the now infamous image of the detainee tortured in Abu Ghraib. Within my studio a photoshoot remapped the media and a series of photographs, drawings and paintings emerged. At a certain moment one of the photographs was crumpled and flattened out and this image was used a reference for this painting.

The image below is an inversion of the falling figure. Usually framed against the facade of the World Trade Center, this image stayed with me. Over the years, I tried different ways to represent this image. Here the figures have been turned into outlines in which the burning facade of the WTC is inserted, creating an inversion of the image.

These painting engage in a dialogue on the politics of representation embedded within their circulation by the media.